Financial access for everyone.

Our tokenization engine facilitates global micro-investment and savings access to traditional financial assets.

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SWIC stands at the forefront of transforming the global financial landscape by transcending the inefficiencies ingrained in today's financial operational systems.

We are dedicated to drive global financial inclusion & resilience through our all-inclusive tokenization engine. With a comprehensive tech stack and strategic partnerships, We make investment opportunities more accessible and inclusive for everybody. SWIC offers apps like Tukki to enable such access.

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Tukki, our app for real-world financial asset investing & financial inclusion

Tukki grants real-world (traditional) financial assets access to everyone via smartphones. ​With Tukki, financial empowerment is at your fingertips—providing opportunities for individuals globally to save and invest through user-friendly micro-investments. ​Join Tukki and embark on a journey towards a resilient financial future.

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