SWIC Investor Update #07

SWIC Investor Update #07

Strengthening Partnerships in Sri Lanka 

Last week, our CEO,Myriam Reinle, embarked on an impactful journey to Sri Lanka, fostering crucialconnections with our partners on the ground. This trip holds immensesignificance as the Tukki beta launch started a while ago and now we gear upfor the official communicative launch and the business scaling.  
During her time in Sri Lanka, Myriam met with our valued partners, reinforcingour commitment to collaboration and developing strategies to scale the marketin Sri Lanka. 

The teams:  

  • Ataraxia Capital Partners is an asset management firm and a close partner of SWIC. Their subsidiary company Arpico Ataraxia provides their investment funds for investors using Tukki. 
  • CEM Studios is our marketing agency, focusing on social media and all relevant communication channels (a big community of over 12’000 Followers on Facebook, 4’000 on Instagram and 1’000 on TikTok). 
  • Konnect BPO Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is our outsourcing partner. They make sure, that our customers always find help and relevant information. 
  • Seylan Bank PLC Bank, one of Sri Lanka's leading financial services providers is our payment partner.

Myriam's interactions with our partners highlighted the sharedenthusiasm and determination to develop the Sri Lankan market with Tukki. 

And: All our learnings in Sri Lanka about launching and developing Tukkiin an emerging country is essential for our playbook as we look at futuremarkets.

Onboarding our second payment partner LankaPay    

After the successful implementation and beta testing of the master card payment gateway via SeylanBank, which allows our users to pay with their debit cards, we add a further payment option with LankaPay, i.e. its mobile solution for payments via smartphone “JustPay”.   
LankaPay is the national payment network and is owned by the Central Bank ofSri Lanka (CBSL) along with other licensed public and private Commercial Banks. Thus, the implementation is supervised by our partner Seylan Bank as part of this network.    
The advantages of JustPay:  

  • Buying tokens of our funds can be made via a bank account. No debit card needed.   
  • One time registration 
  • Quick, convenient and secure (Twint of Sri Lanka)

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