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Unveiling our collaborative network: Meet our esteemed partners

blockchain partner

CoreLedger AG is a blockchain technology company based in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The company has developed an extremely powerful enterprise blockchain platform that enables customers to implement blockchain solutions quickly and cost-effectively. This platform consists of an operating system (TEOS) that runs on almost all blockchains, and software components that can be combined to form a variety of applications. CoreLedger’s customers are established companies that want to increase their competitiveness or implement digitalization projects with blockchain technology, as well as startups that need a prototype quickly to find investors and want to offer their business model to the market with minimal development time. CoreLedger even has a patented solution for the still-booming financial applications business. TokenWARP© is a decentralized market system (DeFi2.0) for decentralized exchanges, digital marketplaces (Metaverse), and more. It is one of the earliest blockchain patents in the world. Founded in 2017, CoreLedger aims to become the leading blockchain platform for industry adoption.

Fund provider sri lanka

ACP Asset Management was founded in 2009. ACP’s primary function has been to seed, nurture and invest across asset classes with a focus on private equity, venture capital, and through their registered fund offerings in listed equities and fixed income. ACP operates across multiple jurisdictions in Asia and has a presence in Sydney, Hong Kong, and Colombo. ACP Family Office is part of the group and also provides direct equity investments in private markets across the globe. ACP works in conjunction with their investor base and other family offices to undertake these investments.ACP Asset Management’s vision is about connecting markets and opportunities. They pride themselves on their strong track record of investing and providing returns over and above benchmarks across the markets they operate in.

software development

Innowise Group is a custom software development company based in Warsaw, Poland, with additional offices in Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland, Italy, Georgia, and the USA. Having over 1600 specialists on board and 850 completed projects, the company employs state-of-the-art technology to revolutionize its clients' businesses. With a rich history of over 16 years in the industry, Innowise Group delivers solutions that improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. They oversee the complete development cycle, from concept to deployment and support.

CEM Studio is a fully fledged social media management agency that caters to entities operating within the space of capital and financial markets. Their services include website & app development, digital strategy, paid media optimisation, content development, SEO and digital branding; ensuring a holistic coverage for any organisations digital presence.

payment provider

Seylan Bank PLC is a Public Limited Liability company incorporated in Sri Lanka in 1987. The bank focuses on conventional commercial banking and operates from its Head Office in Colombo through its island wide network of branches.

payment provider

LankaPay is the national payment network and is owned by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) along with other licensed public and private Commercial Banks. Thus, the implementation is supervised by our partner Seylan Bank as part of this network.

customer support

Established in 2016, Konnect BPO Technologies is a leading and global business process outsourcing company based in Sri Lanka. Their collaborative approach with partners and their commitment to compliance and standards makes Konnect a trustful local partner. They support our users in all regional languages (Sinhala, Tamil and English).


KPMG Sri Lanka has performed an application review of Tukki inaccordance with the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) Guideline No. 1 of 2020, which outlines the minimum compliance standards for payment related mobile applications.

In the realm of CORUM, trust emerges as the paramount asset. The foundation of their work rests upon cultivating enduring, individual relationships with clients. Once these connections are forged, CORUM leverages its expertise and expansive networks to serve the best interests of its clients. The significance of direct contact is deeply ingrained, prompting a willingness to engage with clients face-to-face at their premises nestled in the heart of Zurich. At the core of CORUM's philosophy lies a profound value for robust relationships. Their commitment revolves around fostering long-term, collaborative connections founded on principles of integrity and business acumen. For CORUM, asset management transcends the mere pursuit of profits; it is a reflection of the personalities involved. The enduring success of their endeavors hinges on the expertise and networks of their team, a team that diligently works to earn the trust of clients each day.In the realm of CORUM, the needs of clients take precedence. Collaborative efforts with partner banks and external specialists serve as the linchpin, ensuring CORUM consistently directs its focus towards the optimization of client assets. While adhering to a fundamentally conservative and sustainable investment strategy, CORUM tailors all investments to align with the unique risk propensity of each client. The overarching goal remains steadfast – to deliver personalized client support fortified by the security synonymous with a first-class bank.

Potential clients are merely a few clicks away from discovering the ideal product provider or wealth manager through the user-friendly interface of www.swissfundplatform.ch. This website offers swift and efficient access to a diverse array of financial service professionals, including asset managers, family offices, trustees, and pension funds. Leveraging comprehensive search functions, users can meticulously define their criteria, enabling them to receive a tailored list of partners perfectly aligned with their specific needs.