Our solutions

Powering the new era of digital assets

The SWIC tokenization engine

SWIC's Tokenization Engine leverages cutting-edge distributed ledger technology to fractionalize investment and facilitate savings opportunities previously limited to a select few.  SWIC stands at the forefront of enabling financial inclusion by facilitating tokenized value in real-world financial assets.

What's the SWIC tokenization engine?

The SWIC tokenization engine is all about enabling financial inclusion and powering the new era of digital asset classes and investing. It tokenizes financial assets/products and it facilitates fractional investments.

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How does the SWIC tokenization engine work?

Leveraging its comprehensive tech stack and cutting-edge distributed ledger technology, the SWIC tokenization engine eliminates manual processes and intermediaries and reduces costs. SWIC, creates tokenized value in real-world financial assets, facilitating fractionalization of investment opportunities historically out of reach to all but a few.

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What are we tokenizing?

Our expertise and services are centered on tokenizing financial products. Our definition of financial products encompasses assets with significant trading volumes on global exchanges. This includes, but is not limited to, commodities like gold and oil, various currencies, funds, stocks, and bonds.

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Our emerging markets saving app "Tukki"

Tukki is our first application and grants real-world (traditional) financial assets access to everyone via smartphones. With Tukki, financial empowerment is at your finger tips - providing opportunities for individuals globally to save and invest through user-friendly micro-investments. Join Tukki and embark on a journey towards a resilient financial future.

Easy & quick onboarding

Get started swiftly and seamlessly. Define your investment goals, deposit your funds, and watch Tukki take charge. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures ease and speed, with simple steps that get you up and running in just 15 minutes. Experience the convenience of managing your investments efficiently and effectively with Tukki.

Accessibility & Flexibility

Accessibility and flexibility define the core features of Tukki.  It's free for users, eliminating any financial barriers. With no minimum investment required, you have the freedom to start investing at your comfort level. Plus, there are no notice periods, guaranteeing instant access to your investments whenever you need it.

Suitable for everyone

Tukki is tailored for users of all levels, especially catering to the inexperienced. Our platform simplifies investing through saving goals and comprehensive risk assessment tools. Embracing a user-centric approach, we offer an Investment Academy to guide you through saving and investing strategies. This educational resource empowers users with the knowledge and confidence needed to make informed financial decisions, ensuring a seamless and educational investment journey.