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What we do and who we are

Meet our team members

SWIC Digital Gateway AG combines a powerhouse of investing and tech know-how.

Product Management & Co-founder

Joel, with a solid foundation in business & technology from ZHAW, is a co-founder of SWIC Digital. He brings valuable experience from his role as a software engineer at Zurich Cantonal Bank and as a relationship manager in the FinTech sector. As a CFA Level II candidate, Joel strengthens his tech expertise with advanced financial knowledge. His innovative approach and commitment to excellence makes him a vital asset to the team.

Business development & co-founder

Jason, with a strong foundation in business administration from ZHAW and extensive experience in finance, is a key contributor to SWIC Digital. His roles at Lombard Odier and AXA have honed his skills in client management, financial product development, and strategic partnerships. Jason's dedication to continuous learning align with SWIC Digital's mission to revolutionize global finance.

Growth Strategy

Florian, armed with a business administration degree from the University of St. Gallen and two start-up ventures under his belt, brings a wealth of knowledge to SWIC. His profound understanding of blockchain facilitates SWIC Digital in presenting its use case to customers in a more comprehensive and impactful manner.


Ali, a serial entrepreneur, has forged numerous brands and businesses, honing his skills in tech and finance during his master's studies in emerging countries. Specializing in blockchain and web3. Ali leads the business expansions of SWIC Digital's products in developing countries, spearheading new market entries and driving business development.

Simon, with extensive experience in digital assets and tokenization, is a key asset to SWIC Digital. He has led major blockchain initiatives at UBP. His strategic roles at Atari and other firms highlight his expertise in blockchain technology. Simon's comprehensive approach and deep industry knowledge significantly contribute to SWIC Digital's technology strategy.

Software development

Alexander, with a Bachelor's in computer science from ETH  focusing on blockchain technology, is a key asset to SWIC Digital. His experience as a software engineer has equipped him with robust technical skills. Alexander's expertise in developing blockchain solutions aligns perfectly with SWIC Digital's mission to transform global finance through tokenization.

Software development

Armin, brings extensive IT and financial services experience to SWIC Digital. As an application manager at Zurich Cantonal Bank, he developed financial market data systems. With a background in chemistry from top German universities, Armin combines analytical and technical expertise, making him a vital asset to SWIC Digital's mission to revolutionize global finance through tokenization.

Boris, a legal and compliance expert, gained crucial experience at Credit Suisse and a private equity firm in Zurich after studying law. Fluent in Spanish and Croatian, he specializes in GwG, FATCA, VSB, FIDLEG, and other legal and compliance domains.

Meet our board & advisors

Founder & chairman

Stefan, Founder and Managing Partner of CORUM Vermögensverwaltung AG, brings a wealth of expertise from his director roles in Swiss private banks. Renowned as an asset management specialist and financial advisor, he is a respected investment pioneer.

co-founder & board member

With over 20 years in IT and Services,  Tietz assumed the role of CEO at Corum Vermögensverwaltung AG since  2018. His successful leadership in companies around banks and asset managers includes executive positions at VWD Group Switzerland AG, Avaloq Sourcing (Europe) AG, and Avaloq Deutschland GmbH.

board member

Guido, a serial entrepreneur and founder of award-winning category leaders, is a direct investor in FinTech, early-stage ventures, real estate, and art/collectibles. Notably, he sits on the board of many pioneering entities, showcasing his commitment to shaping industries. In his past role as Co-Founder & CEO of AMINA Bank (formerly SEBA), a leading Digital Asset & Crypto Bank licensed by FINMA, Guido demonstrated visionary leadership.

Johannes, with a Chemistry Master's and a PhD in Distributed Computing and Quantum Chemistry, is a dynamic problem solver and entrepreneur. A pioneer in blockchain, he co-founded Bitcoin Suisse AG in 2013, establishing its core infrastructure. In 2017, he founded CoreLedger AG to explore diverse blockchain applications, demonstrating its real-world impact on global challenges.

Myriam, holds a Master's in Business Administration from EDHEC. With 20 years of experience, she has excelled in marketing at UBS, managed e-commerce companies in various sectors, and served as CEO in the automotive and FinTech industries, building a robust network along the way.

Thorsten is a Swiss Finance Institute Professor of Financial Economics at the University of Zurich. His research fields are Behavioral and Evolutionary Finance. He is a founding partner of Behavioral Finance Solutions GmbH, BhFS, a spin-off company of the Universities of Zurich and Sankt Gallen, and Swiss Fintech Innovations, an association of the banking and insurance industry in Switzerland.

Sharad, Ataraxia Capital's Co-founder is a trailblazer in landmark investments, notably in finance and education. His influence extends to serving on multiple investee company boards and cultivating robust personal connections with stakeholders throughout the investment spectrum. Leveraging his expertise as an M&A lawyer, Sharad has provided strategic counsel to numerous governments in establishing investment vehicles, particularly in the finance sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SWIC?

SWIC Digital Gateway AG is the company behind the SWIC tokenization engine, which intends to drive global financial inclusion & resilience through delivering saving & investment apps in developing global countries, such as Tukki which launches in Sri Lanka.

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What’s the SWIC tokenization engine?

The SWIC tokenization engine is all about enabling financial inclusion and powering the new era of digital asset classes and investing. It tokenizes financial assets/products. It facilitates fractional investments.

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How does the SWIC tokenization engine work?

SWIC stands at the forefront of transforming the global financial landscape by transcending the inefficiencies ingrained in today's financial operational systems. Leveraging its comprehensive tech stack and cutting-edge distributed ledger technology, the SWIC tokenization engine eliminates manual processes and intermediaries and reduces costs. SWIC, creates tokenized value in real-world financial assets, facilitating fractionalization of investment opportunities historically out of reach to all but a few.

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What is Tukki?

The Tukki App is SWIC's game-changer for real-world financial asset investing and inclusion. Launched in Sri Lanka, Tukki is built on the transformative capacity of blockchain tech which enables security, transparency, reduces costs, and redefines financial accessibility. Tukki will allow mobile users to tap securely and efficiently into fractionalized real-world assets. Thus, paving the way for a more inclusive global financial ecosystem. Tukki provides savings through micro-investments.

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What’s different about Tukki from other digital apps?

Tukki brings fractionalized investment aligned with financial education opportunities for users in developing countries, enabling them to create financial resilience. Tukki allows asset owners to expand their investor base to new global and retail investor markets.

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Is SWIC regulated?

SWIC is neither an investment manager nor a financial advisor. We are a facilitator, providing a tokenization engine, the tech stack for the tokenization of financial products and, assisting providers in the tokenization process. SWIC does not serve as a custodian. We neither hold funds nor tokens. Custody is the responsibility of either the fund provider or the user-decentralized self-custody. The activities of providers are governed by the regulatory authorities in the regions where they work. In Sri Lanka, The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has granted SWIC Digital Gateway AG written confirmation to allow SWIC to launch Tukki in Sri Lanka.

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What is SWICs business model?

SWIC receives a transaction fee from the product provider for each transaction. We will scale our business with the number of active users on any app that interacts with our tokenization engine.

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