SWIC leads the charge in financial inclusion, securing a first-mover advantage in South Asia

SWIC leads the charge in financial inclusion, securing a first-mover advantage in South Asia

Zurich, Switzerland, December 19, 2023 – SWIC Digital Gateway AG unveils SWIC, a tokenization engine developed to foster financial inclusion and resilience in developing countries. Established by Swiss asset manager Stefan Bucher, SWIC intends to break through traditional financial barriers, enabling access for the 1.4 billion individuals globally who remain financially excluded.

SWIC's Mission is to empower financial inclusion and resilience, particularly in developing countries. The SWIC tokenization engine facilitates providers to tokenize financial products and enables universal micro-investment and savings access by making such real-world financial assets available to the 1.4 billion (according to The World Bank) who are currently excluded. SWIC Digital Gateway AG will bring apps such as Tukki, to facilitate user access across five countries over the next few years, beginning with Sri Lanka. Tukki’s launch in Sri Lanka plays a pivotal role in realizing this mission by enabling micro-investment and savings through smartphones. SWIC is the first active global player in Sri Lanka facilitating blockchain-based fractionalized investment and savings.

SWIC’s Leadership includes two newly appointed leaders, CEO Myriam Reinle and Board Member Guido Buehler. Together they bring profound expertise in banking, management, technology, and the startup economy, driving SWIC's mission for global financial inclusion and economic resilience. Guido successfully launched one of Switzerland's first ever-regulated crypto banks AMINA Bank (formerly SEBA) and continues to drive technological empowerment. Myriam is a proficient leader in the transformation of traditional industries. The SWIC team is amply supported by the acumen and strength of the company founder Stefan Bucher who lends his long-standing traditional asset management expertise. Stefan understands the traditional investor and appreciates that the global landscape must invoke the inclusion of all, particularly those in regions where access to traditional investment vehicles is historically challenged.

"Recognizing the expansive potential in the new digital economy for both product providers and investors is crucial. Tokenization opens doors for product providers to tap into a broader investor base. Simultaneously, enabling those previously excluded from investing to participate efficiently and confidently. With 130 countries, representing 98% of the global economy, actively exploring digital versions of their currencies and with almost half in advanced development - it's evident that some corporate entities will follow suit and evolve digital versions of traditional financial investment products. In doing so, they are also fostering a more resilient global economy whereby all people can avail of investment opportunities and benefits.” said Stefan Bucher, Founder of SWIC Digital Gateway AG.

SWIC's Tokenization Engine leverages cutting-edge distributed ledger technology to fractionalize investment and savings opportunities previously limited to a select few. SWIC stands at the forefront of enabling financial inclusion by facilitating tokenized value in real-world financial assets.

SWIC Digital Gateway AG will make fractionalized real-world financial assets accessible with just a mobile phone. Myriam Reinle, the CEO of SWIC, said “The absence of access to financial services poses challenges in building savings and expanding income-generating activities, a struggle exacerbated for so many in developing countries. Particularly for women in the informal sector, and where complex social norms can limit economic opportunities. As of 2022, there are 388 million women and girls in extreme poverty. SWIC is dedicated to collaboration with expert partners to enable the eradication of poverty through digital financial education and inclusive micro-savings opportunities.”

SWIC’s Vision is to evolve a global micro-investment marketplace for tokenized real-world financial assets, leveraging its comprehensive tech stack. With the public launch of the Tukki App in Sri Lanka, SWIC aims to redefine the investment landscape and make global financial markets accessible to everyone.

Guido Buehler, Board Member at SWIC, speaking to this said, "SWIC is positioned to take a market-leading role by providing global access to tokenized financial assets, via apps like Tukki, to drive financial inclusion, particularly in developing economic regions. This is not only about the unbanked, but about ensuring that everyone can save and invest to create financial resilience, hedge against inflation, and build a more economically favorable future. I support the broader company vision to evolve a global marketplace, accessible by all via interfaces such as Tukki."

About SWIC Digital Gateway AG

SWIC Digital Gateway AG is a Swiss headquartered fintech, dedicated to driving global financial inclusion & resilience through its robust tokenization engine. With a comprehensive tech stack and strategic partner-ships, SWIC facilitates investment opportunities, making them accessible and inclusive via apps like Tukki to enable global access.


SWIC Digital Gateway AG: Myriam Reinle, CEO myriam@swic.digital; +41-79-345-75-85 https://swic.digital/

Media: Triona Mc Hale triona@ignitecomms.com; +353-87-265-1473

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